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  • Team

    Together Everyone Achieves More. This is our business family perspective. Every family is a team and our business family is a team. Once we take on a job with you we become a team with you. Our aim is to do our best and together is the only way our best can shine.


    Home Essentials Master Services, LLC. was put together by simple families with a simple goal in mind, while coming together to give to small communities in our rural setting that need services due to such an economic boom in our Sanders County valley. In putting our minds together for our simple goal, we have envisioned that we keep our business within the confines of a family perspective. It took families to build this business and we want to keep it doing business through a family perspective. Our family has needs as well as your family and we would want to treat your family like we treat ours.

  • What We Do

    From the Inside Out

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    Our Business Family-Outside


    Tye Thompson is the Owner of Home Essentials Master Services,LLC. Tye has been doing construction,electrical and plumbing for over 30 years, now. He moved here to get away from the city life and raise his children in a moral based influential environment. Tye Thompson opened Home Essentials Master Services, LLC. while working within Christner Electric, LLC, Tye could see that Sanders County rural
    towns and cities were in high demand for construction in many variations. This prompted Tye to open Home Essentials Master Services, LLC. with the purpose to fulfill the needs of the small rural cities in Sanders County that needed this kind of help. Tye had heard that it was hard for our country folk to get help to develop or build, let alone, get the skilled work
    to get anything done in these rural parts of Montana. Therefore, Home Essentials was born to specifically fulfill these needs to the area. Tye Thompson is a very passionate and empathetic person where he felt called to do this for the surrounding communities of Sanders County. Tye is an easy going, easy to talk to professional who keeps what matters most at the forefront of his mind every time he puts effort to the work he does.

    Mickey Manning is Home Essentials Master Services, LLC’s Office Administrator. She is the one who helped Tye get his business running more smoothly and schedules everything so that Tye and his team can attack the day
    accordingly. She also manages all the paperwork and finances. She is great at keeping all the ducks in a row and giving great advice.

    Ben Christner is on deck as a Licensed Contractor who Tye sends out to do many of our jobs, duplicating the talent that Tye has in providing a quality job. Ben is a very qualified member of our team. He also has even temperament and is a joy to work with. Ben handles all the Jobs Northwest of Plains, Mt.

    Jim Doss is on deck as a Licensed Contractor who Tye also sends out to do many of our projects to duplicate the talent that Tye has in
    providing a quality job. Jim is very skilled and is a great member of our team. Jim handles all the jobs Southeast of Plains. We also go to the same church together.

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    Our Business Family-Inside


     Natalie’s Digital Boutique’s owner, Natalie Thompson (Tye's Wife), is on deck to help with S.E.O., Website Build and SEO Management. She is the one who built Home Essential’s website and keeps it updated as well as gets Home Essential’s website and media
    platforms to be recognized and ranked higher on search engines by Google, Apple,
    GPS, etc.

    We just want to extend to you that we are happy you have joined our family business! Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. As we work along with you, we
    will know more about you.

    God Bless!